Speak English With NEEPO Full Course

1. Speak English With NEEPO - Full eLearning Course

Speak English With NEEPO is a digital eLearning course that uses a new cutting-edge phonetic methodology we call NEEPO, and uses a content structure that accelerates learners to speak English the way native speakers speak it. It's the fastest way to learn to speak English on Earth!

Speak English With NEEPO is unique. We zero in on getting non-English speakers up and running SPEAKING English correctly with automatic fluency of speech by making English readable with NEEPO (New English Phonetic Orthography, which makes English 100% pure, regular, and readable almost instantly.)

This digital, Beginning English Speaking e-learning course is for Non-English speakers to very Limited English speakers. It will take these students to a low-intermediate level English Speaking ability or possibly higher with good grammar and may produce little to no accent, which is a fringe benefit of learning to speak English with NEEPO.

Speak English With NEEPO is a built-in grammar, English Immersion system that utilizes the power of New Phonetics. By using this Digital, E-learning Course, Speak English With NEEPO, which uses NEEPO (New English Phonetic Orthography), non-English, limited English speaking students accomplish in 1-six months of instruction what takes up to 7 years to accomplish using traditional methods of instruction in learning how to speak the English Language. Not only does it get you speaking English correctly, it will make it easier for you to read and spell English.

Learn to speak English in the comfort of your home, office, school or training center and on your own time.

Non-English speaking or limited English speaking students can now learn to speak English in as little as 1 month, which could easily take up to 7 years using traditional methods.


1. Access to the refugee settlement program
Go to this link to read the full testimony: https://bit.ly/3hvde4k
Report on the “NEEPO ESL” pilot program at the Access Refugee Settlement program in Linda Vista, San Diego, CA

2. Olive Peirce High School ESL Class
Go to this link to read the full testimony: https://bit.ly/3jg3zit
"Not only are my students learning to pronounce words correctly, they are also learning English grammar."
“I am delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in piloting such a wonderfully creative and useful instructional tool. It is a very positive and enriching addition to my ESL classroom.”
- Julia Doria, ESL teacher

3. ESL Teacher in a High School ESL Class – Virginia Public Schools
Go to this link to read the full testimony: https://bit.ly/3jgUmGJ
"The students think it's a lot of fun. They see the progress and know that they have learned and that the program is working. The students don't realize that they are learning a lot of grammar, but they are. I noticed that Renata really enjoys her 45 minutes You have a good time and you don't get bored even though we are asking you to work in a language that is not your own. We know how boring it could be if the program was not interesting or effective. I think the creators of this course did. great job. All the sounds and activities are very fun, so they enjoy it."
- Fernando Pantoja, ESL teacher

4. Instructional Coordinator Comments – Virginia Public Schools
Go to this link to read the full testimony: https://bit.ly/3jlbY4v
“I think it is at the forefront of helping people with language barriers that prevent them from having opportunities to be productive American citizens. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you in piloting your software program." - Nikki Isherwood, Educational Improvement Leader, Grades 6-12

Frequent questions

Why is Speak English With NEEPO perfect for Spanish speakers?
English letters have many sounds, which makes it confusing to speak, read, and spell English. Would you like English to have only one letter or symbol for each sound in English and to form words from those letters and sounds to make it easy to read like Spanish? If your answer is yes, then you will like to learn to speak English using the NEEPO method.

Speak English With NEEPO transforms confusing traditional English into NEEPO (New English Phonetic Spelling) which now makes English easy to read and therefore easy to speak for the first time in history.
Once you learn the NEEPO method of spelling English, which involves spelling words with the NEEPO symbols that represent the 36 sounds and the 9 blended sounds of English, you will now be able to form words that are 100% regular and consistent, making it possible for you. read English exactly as it is spoken.

With Speak English With NEEPO, you will start speaking English correctly from day one by reading the letters or symbols to speak pure English the right way with little or no accent.

Will there be customer service and technical support available for anyone who subscribes to Speak English With NEEPO?
Yes, support is available during normal business hours.

Speak English With N...: Speak English With NEEPO

  • 0. Instrukshunz
  • 1-1. Chawrt - Sounz Uv Inglish And NEEPO Simblz
  • 1-2. Praktis Sounz Uv Inglish And NEEPO Simblz
  • 1-3. Kwiz Sounz Uv Inglish And NEEPO Simblz
  • 1-4. Chawrt - Kawmbinayshun Sounz Uv Inglish And NEEPO Simblz
  • 1-5. Praktis - Kawmbinayshun Sounz Uv Inglish And NEEPO Simblz
  • 1-6. Kwiz - Kawmbinayshun Sounz Uv Inglish And NEEPO Simblz
  • 1-7. Chawrt - Numbrz
  • 1-8. Praktis - Numbrz
  • 1-9. Kwiz - Numbrz
  • 1-10. Chawrt - Prsunl Pronounz
  • 1-11. Praktis - Prsunl Pronounz
  • 1-12. Kwiz - Prsunl Pronounz
  • 1-13. Prezunt Tens uv Too Bee
  • 1-14. Kwiz - Prezunt Tens Too Be
  • 1-15. This That, And But, Awn Awf
  • 1-16. Kwiz -This That And But Awn Awf
  • 2-1. Chawrt - Vrbz
  • 2-2. Test
  • 2-3. Pikchrz
  • 2-4. Chawrt - Pronounz
  • 2-5. Chawrt - Kulrz
  • 2-6. Patrn Drilz
  • 2-7. Pikchrz
  • 2-8. Patrn Drilz
  • 2-9. Test
  • 3-1. Pikchrz
  • 3-2. Patrnz
  • 3-3. Chawrts & Praktis - Kalundr
  • 3-4. Test
  • 3-5. Pikchrz
  • 3-6. Patrnz Kweschunz
  • 3-7. Pikchrz
  • 3-8. Kuntrees
  • 3-9. Kweschunz and Patrnz
  • 3-10. Test
  • 4-1. Chawrt - Tensuz
  • 4-2. Pikchrz
  • 4-3. Patrnz
  • 4-4. Pikchrz
  • 4-5. Patrnz
  • 4-6. Pikchrz Familee_ Munee and Wrk
  • 4-7. Patrnz - Noun too Pronoun
  • 4-8. Pikchrz - Tiym
  • 4-9. Tiym Pikchrz and Kweschunz
  • 4-10 Chawrt - Thhree Tiyps
  • 4-11. Test
  • 5-1. Chawrt - Kuntrakshunz
  • 5-2. Kuntrakshun Drilz
  • 5-3. Negativ Kuntrakshun Drilz
  • 5-4. Negativ Kuntrakshun Drilz
  • 5-5. Posesiv Pronounz Drilz
  • 5-6. Pawzitiv Too Negutiv Drilz
  • 5-7. Kuntrakshunz Pawzitiv And Negutiv Drilz
  • 5-8. Wrdz withh Menee Meeningz
  • 5-9. Test
  • 6-1. Chawrt - Storee Pikchrz and Bawdee
  • 6-2. Regyoolr Vrbz Prezunt Tens Too Past Tens
  • 6-3. Iregyoolr Vrbs - Prezunt Tens too Past Tens Drilz
  • 6-4. Chawrts - Prinsipl Pawrts uv Vrbz
  • 6-5. Pikchrz - Siblingz and Conversation
  • 6-6. Kuntrakshunz and Pawzitiv Ansrz Drilz
  • 6-7. Orl Kawmpreehenshun
  • 6-8. Pikchrz - Storee ubout biying u dres
  • 6-9. Negativ Kweschun and Ansr Drilz
  • 6-10. Test
  • 7-1. Chawrt - Thu Seezunz and Thu Wethr
  • 7-2. Patrn Drilz
  • 7-3. Chawrt - Kumperisun uv Adjektivz
  • 7-4. Test
  • 7-5. Pikchrz
  • 7-6. Chawrt and Pikchrz - Awposits
  • 7-7. Pikchrz - Seezunz_ Day and Niyt_ Awposits
  • 7-8. Test Prinsipl Pawrts uv Vrbz
  • 7-9. Kweschun Drilz
  • 7-10. Difrunt Tiyps uv Drilz
  • 7-11. Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever