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Speak English With NEEPO - Facilitator Certification Course (FT9)

Welcome to the Facilitator Certification Course of Speak English with NEEPO, the fastest way for your students to learn how to speak English on Earth.

Upon completion of this Facilitator Certification Course, you will receive a Speak English with NEEPO Facilitator Certification with a certificate. This Certification grants you permission to facilitate your students’ use of the Speak English with NEEPO eLearning Course. This Certification also grants you an exclusive facilitator portal on your own URL, to enroll your students and track their progress.

In this Facilitator Certification Course, you will take a tour of the eLearning course and see how Speak English With NEEPO will teach your students to speak English quickly and correctly. You will learn how to instruct your students to navigate and interact with the eLearning course.

After becoming familiar with the Speak English With NEEPO, you will learn how to create your Facilitator Portal and how to enroll your students and track their progress through Speak English With NEEPO.
  • 1. Introduction and Orientation of Facilitator Certification Course
  • 2. Instructions on How Your Students Interact with the eLearning Course.
  • 3. Tour of the First Lessons in Speak English With NEEPO.
  • 4. Tour of the Different Types of Lessons Throughout Speak English With NEEPO.
  • 5. Examples of lessons your students will learn in Speak English With NEEPO.
  • 6. Learner Account Tour - How Your Students Will Track Their Progress.
  • 7. How to Order Your Facilitator Portal.
  • 8. Facilitator Portal Tour- How to Enroll Students & Facilitate Their Progress.
  • Portal Registration
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever